Case of Unscented Alcohol Gel Fuel Cartridges


Case of eight cartridges- enough for eight fires. Each gel fuel cartridge provides 5,000 BTU’s of heat for a maximum of 10,000 BTU’s when using two cartridges at once, side-by-side for a wider and taller flame.

Fuel cartridges should always be used safely nestled in a cartridge holder behind a locked safety screen within a HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace. Lit with a long fireplace match or a butane lighter, the cartridges can be extinguished at any time with snuffer plates (sold separately), or left to go out on their own.

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$92.02 for a case of 8 odor-free cartridges (8 great fires)

Flat rate shipping: $12.95 per case to continental USA